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Party Platters

Veggie Platter ($29.95, $49.95, $89.95)
Cheese Platter ($34.95, $59.95, $99.95)
Fruit Platter ($29.95, $49.95, $89.95)
Smoked Salmon ($35.95, $59.95, $99.95)
Mini Burek ($35.95, $59.95, $99.95)
Tea Sandwiches ($29.95, $59.95, $99.95)
Mini Sandwiches ($2.50 each)
Cold Cut Wrap Rings ($29.95, $59.95, $99.95)
Pizza ($25.00 each)
Red and White Pearls ($2.50 each)
Grilled Chicken with Mango ($2.50 each)
Grilled Chicken with Veggies ($2.50 each)
Grilled Pork Skewers ($2.50 each)
lamb Skewers ($3.50 each)
Salmon Skewers ($3.50 each)
Veggie Skewers ($2.50 each)
Sweets Platter ($29.95, $59.95, $99.95)
Baklava Platter ($60 / 25pcs)
Cold Cut Platter ($29.95, $59.95, $99.95)
Mediterranean Spread Platter ($29.95, $59.95, $99.95)
Antipasto Platter ($35.95, $59.95, $99.95)
Cabbage Roll Platter/Vine leaves ($35.95, $59.95, $99.95)


Buffet # 1 ($12.95 per person)
• Lasagna (meat, cheese, chicken), Bruschetta Bread and Caesar Salad

Buffet # 2 ($15.95 per person)
• Salmon, Rice, Broccoli and Baby Carrots

Buffet # 3 ($15.95 per person)
• Chicken Breast with Wine
Sauce/Veal Scallopini, Pasta in a
Rose Sauce and Garden Salad

Buffet # 4 ($9.95 per person)
• Sandwich with assorted Meats and
Cheeses, Caesar Salad and Cookies

Buffet # 5 ($15.95 per person)
• Chicken/Veal Parmigiano, Penne in a Rose
Sauce, Grilled Veggies and Bruschetta Bread

Special Orders

Stuffed Turkey and Gravy
Baked Salmon with Breadcrumb Topping
Chicken with Walnut Sauce
Chicken with Wine Sauce

In Store Specials

Stuffed Peppers (Veggie, Meat)
Cabbage Rolls (Veggie, Meat)
Stuffed Eggplants (Veggie, Meat)
Burek (Meat, Cheese and Spinach, Leek and Cheese)



Greek Salad
Mixed Bean Salad
Grilled Veggie Salad
Caesar Salad
Garden Salad
Beet Salad
Potato Salad (with Mayo)
Summer Potato Salad (No Mayo)
Chick pea Salad
Bocconcini Salad


Assortment of Cookies($19.99 kg)
Rice Pudding ($3.00 each)
Creme Caramel ($3.00 each)
Cupcakes ($2.00 each)
Pecan Tarts ($2.00 each)


Chicken Parmigiano
Chicken Breast with Wine Sauce
Turkey Breast with Wine Sauce
Veal Parmigiano
Eggplant Parmigiano

Prepared Pasta

Types of Pasta
Penne with Tomato Sauce
Rigatoni with Meat Sauce
Spaghetti with Meat Ball
Pasta with Sweet Red
Pepper Sauce
Pasta with Grilled chicken
Pasta with Alfredo Sauce
Pasta with Spinach Pesto
Pasta with Basil Pesto
Chicken Cacciatore
Pasta with Veggies
Lasagna (Meat, Cheese, Veggie, Chicken, Mushroom)
Cannelloni (Meat or Cheese)
Pasta Roll (Meat or Cheese)
Risotto Meat or Chicken

Stuffed Pasta

Meat, Cheese, Sweet Potato, Lobster, Crab, Asparagus
Squash, Cheese and Spinach, Leek and Mushroom, Goat
Cheese, Asiago Cheese
Cheese, Meat, Tri Color,
Spelt Ravioli
Meat, Cheese
Fresh Cut Pasta (Spelt, Plain, Whole Wheat)
Gnocchi (Sweet Potato, Plain, Spinach, Spinach and
Cheese, Squash, Pumpkin) AND MORE


Over 50 Kinds of Soups
Vegetarian and with Meat.


Ham Sandwich $5.00
Mortadella Sandwich $5.00
Turkey Sandwich $5.00
Salami Sandwich $5.00
Chicken Cutlet Sandwich $6.00
Frittata Sandwich $6.00
Grilled Chicken Sandwich $6.00
Grilled Vegetables $6.00
Prosciutto Sandwich $6.00
Veal Sandwich $6.00


Sweet Red Pepper Sauce
Spinach Pesta
Basil Pesta
Tomato Sauce
Meat Sauce
Rose Sauce
Vodka Sauce
Alfredo Sauce

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